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Friday, June 29, 2012

My first atc is on the way!

I am so very excited everyone, my atc is signed, sealed and delivered....to the mailbox..lol. I hope the recipient likes it. It is so good feel like this again. Stay tuned for when she receives her mail I will post the picks of the completed atc also. Wow.. Why did I not know about these atc things earlier, it is funny I have done a couple of comic book related ones for a fundraising auction for an aquaintance but had no idea what the crafters and mixed media artists can do, awesome! Well Everyone have a creative weekend.."heArtLilian

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYWW #2 !! the art MUSE is back!

Hi everyone.  I am happy to say my art muse ended her vacation and is back.  Either that or it is WOYWW!!! So hop over to Julia's blog and have a peek at what is strewn over artists' desks and workspaces!  I also think that the lovely Queen Lightwell  also put the mood back by being to kind as to do an atc trade!!! soo very excited my very first atc.  I worked all night long and i can tell you i am feeling good!  You should hop on over to check her out too!  Everyone has been so lovely with my plight thank you for helping me get out of my funk!  I want to share with you my workspace.  last night i confiscated the dining room table!!  and still wasnt enough room....all for an ATC?  lol  now all i can say is that i am not a crafter but a painter soo i hope she will love it!!!  please click for larger images.  and if you would like and have to the time i would be most happy to hear from you so leave a comment.  heArtLilian
Spoiler Alert!!! sorry !!

My junk book of old sketchers in one place..

Thank you for stopping by. Dont forget to check out the links!!! have a great day CREATING

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh where has my Muse Gone? on a mini staycation?

no, not a title of a song but seriously "Where art thou..umm art muse?"  I have been on a no art diet for a couple of days and that is soo not how i want to feel. I am little overwhelmed with trying to reorganize my art and craft things.  on top of that all the mundane house work that is sooo repetitive( i mean really scrubbing and folding and washing is gonna be part of the rest of my life sooo... i can pull my hair out sometimes... but don't get me wrong.  i do try to pull the supermom act sometimes and i do pay a price and that price is the overtaxed and overwhelming feeling I get that drives my muse away and I think she is secretly telling me to turn a blind eye to house cleaning and art and take my kids out(so she can have a break..i guess muses need some time to themselves too eh?).  So i will take at least today or tomorrow to reorganize my thoughts and maybe by WOYWW i will be up and at em'.  i am sure everyone gets these bouts and no amount of being inspired by every ones beautiful blogs and daily musings is gonna get one outta a funk except  Ditch Day.. (that's what it feels like anyway..yay)  but i have to remember the mess will be right where it was when i left hahaha.  i wish the art muse had a little wand to deal with that before taking hiatus.   hehe anyways keep on creating and inspiring..heArtLilian

Friday, June 22, 2012

what was that on my woyww #1 desk???

On wednesday I posted a pic of what was on my desk.  My big altered art journal was open and held a little sketch book in the middle.  Eliza at Queenartoypia ( you should give her a visit if you get a chance)asked if i could get a bigger picture of the one posted under this post.  so here you go for anyone interested.  I also added some other pages that were in this sketch book.  Mind you it is my sketch book that i pick up and put down even if it is to scribble.  so not very many finished pieces in here.  Hope you enjoy.  And thanks for the Interest Eliza!!  much love... heArtLilian..
and this is she...

sorry but it was taken in natural afternoon light

an etsy inspired sketch

playing around with prisma colors

what i saw in the clouds while driving to costco(my husband did the actual driving)

my son taking a nap

sketching to stay loose and practice my observation skills.

i was thinking that i would loved to have been born a red head..!!! is that weird? lol

i just love the color red. must be because i am a leo.

well i hope u enjoyed.  i just draw and sketch no matter how silly or yucky the image.  because it is all part of the process.!!  now go and create and share!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my first WOYWW #1

sorry for not posting earlier but the little luvs and i decided to spend the summer solstice at our local waterpark.  hope everyone is enjoying the sun..this is my post for WOYWW you can pop by her lovely site and be nosey, check out other bloggers desks...so here is my youngest and of course he is the cutest reason nothing ever gets done, art related and so forth...lol

my cutie patootie, and on my desk , my art journal, black coffee(because my boys have to start summer days before the sun is up) and a basket filled with my boys summer reading log

also an ipad box, i was thinking of making something out of it because it is really nice material  hmmm?
hopefully he will drop off soon after a long day of swimming and i can get creative on paper..lol  see you soon...keep creating..heArtLilian.. and p.s. sorry so gloomy it was pretty early and i used my camera phone..

Monday, June 18, 2012

the start of creative every day

 here are a few pieces i did to start off creative everyday with http://creativeeveryday.com/2012-creative-every-day-challenge  these pieces were inspired of course by jennibelliestudio (you can find it here) her youtube video of drawing faces on ephemra.  thought i would take a crack and i am very pleased.  hope you enjoy and feel those creative juices flowing.  see you tomorrow or sooner.    heArtLilian
pretty in pink ( for a friend)


hope you like my girls

as you can guess i am still trying to get use to my new camera.  and remember to please comment or join me on my journey and we can share more happiness

a new day

good morning, 
   hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with creativity or bouts of creativity.  happy belated fathers to all.  post birthday party clean up was successful and took forever but well worth it to see the smiles and laughing of family and friends....
...ok now onto the serious topic.....art.....  i have found  http://www.creativeeveryday.com/  and her challende to do art  everyday for a month and i am really excited to try this.   even if its just a 5 minute doodle.  sorry for not having a badge but i cannot figure out how to use her particular badge but i will provide her link with my uploaded art of the day.  heres to challenging yourself every day.  now lets get creative.    i will officially start this challenge a little later tonight.  so in the meantime i want to share with you my art journal(a reclaimed book about lettering and type fonts) that i started.  enjoy..if you want please leave a comment or join me on my journey cuz i know people do not like to journey on their own..(sorry sooo long)
my altered art journal

my first entry which was a big deal (finding the time with 3 boys)

spring is in the air( so cliche but it was soo sunny and had to be done)

forever and always

this entry was inspired by my girlfriends confection flowers

some drippage

for earthday

thought of a friend who loves owls

a journal page with no journaling

Saturday, June 16, 2012

party time

good steamy humid morning ,
      I will only post today that we are partying down for our kids birthday party here in sc usa.  The Hubby is already grilling on the open flame and it smells scrumptious.  hope you all have a great weekend.  because here the rain finally took a break and the steam is rising so i tip my glass of whatever beverage you prefer this early morning and have a great creative saturday.  ill leave this as a little eye candy for you and share some works.  go and get Inspired...heArtLilian  ok enough blabbering its time to party
acrylic on luan

mixed media, oil and pastels

acrylic on luan

acrylic on cardboard ( this was a gift for a friends nursery believe it or not.. she did a day of the dead theme)