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Friday, June 22, 2012

what was that on my woyww #1 desk???

On wednesday I posted a pic of what was on my desk.  My big altered art journal was open and held a little sketch book in the middle.  Eliza at Queenartoypia ( you should give her a visit if you get a chance)asked if i could get a bigger picture of the one posted under this post.  so here you go for anyone interested.  I also added some other pages that were in this sketch book.  Mind you it is my sketch book that i pick up and put down even if it is to scribble.  so not very many finished pieces in here.  Hope you enjoy.  And thanks for the Interest Eliza!!  much love... heArtLilian..
and this is she...

sorry but it was taken in natural afternoon light

an etsy inspired sketch

playing around with prisma colors

what i saw in the clouds while driving to costco(my husband did the actual driving)

my son taking a nap

sketching to stay loose and practice my observation skills.

i was thinking that i would loved to have been born a red head..!!! is that weird? lol

i just love the color red. must be because i am a leo.

well i hope u enjoyed.  i just draw and sketch no matter how silly or yucky the image.  because it is all part of the process.!!  now go and create and share!!


  1. oh, these images are ANYTHING but silly and yucky! They are wonderful! I love the red hair girl... love the first sketch (and her curly hair!!) and the red hair girl and that sketch of your sleeping son. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing them all. xoxo

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! It is hard to put myself out there it has been years since people other than my family have seen my work. I know it will be a process and not always so encouraging. But I am a strong believer in hard work and persistence. I kinda have to be even more with 3 boys to raise...hahaha..

  3. Ok ok I am here and she is totally amazing and thank you so much for sharing her. Wow wow wow.

    I love those pictures in the clouds and thank goodness someone else was driving.