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Saturday, June 16, 2012

party time

good steamy humid morning ,
      I will only post today that we are partying down for our kids birthday party here in sc usa.  The Hubby is already grilling on the open flame and it smells scrumptious.  hope you all have a great weekend.  because here the rain finally took a break and the steam is rising so i tip my glass of whatever beverage you prefer this early morning and have a great creative saturday.  ill leave this as a little eye candy for you and share some works.  go and get Inspired...heArtLilian  ok enough blabbering its time to party
acrylic on luan

mixed media, oil and pastels

acrylic on luan

acrylic on cardboard ( this was a gift for a friends nursery believe it or not.. she did a day of the dead theme)


  1. these are wonderful!! i LOVE the 2nd one... looks like a girl holding a flower. Just beautiful work... xoxo

    1. she is holding a flower ^_^, this piece is a small painting, it use to be part of a bigger painting but i cut her out, she was the only thing that was working..lol