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Friday, June 29, 2012

My first atc is on the way!

I am so very excited everyone, my atc is signed, sealed and delivered....to the mailbox..lol. I hope the recipient likes it. It is so good feel like this again. Stay tuned for when she receives her mail I will post the picks of the completed atc also. Wow.. Why did I not know about these atc things earlier, it is funny I have done a couple of comic book related ones for a fundraising auction for an aquaintance but had no idea what the crafters and mixed media artists can do, awesome! Well Everyone have a creative weekend.."heArtLilian

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  1. I can say, with great confidence, that the recipient LOVES the ATC she just received! You are incredibly talented! I just posted a brag on my blog for you, and Mark since I just got his ATC's too, so make sure you check it out. My words aren't as lovely as your ATC but I did try! :)
    And do post your pictures of the ATC, too, because I bet they are better than mine! ;)
    I know just what you mean about missing out on this ATC business before now...this was my first swap and the first one I sent out was the first one I ever made! But it was so fun! :)
    Anyhow, I have to go mess up my desk some more now! Oh, and your ATC, from me, should go out in the mail tomorrow so hopefully you'll get it before the weekend...but there is the 4th so...hmmm, well I'll still hold out hope and also wish you a happy 4th of July!