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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Off to a tea party!

Here is a quick arty thing I did today. I just used pages from an old dictionary and used it as wrapping, tied with string and embellished with my own crochet doily. I reused a Victoria secrets bag by covering the logos, thought it turned out nice. Now I know my stock of gift bags is really low! Yikes! Well off to have tea. Hope you all have a wonderful creative day! Always feel free to leave a comment. Love hearing from you all

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding time, Eluding me

Good morning out there, I am having a very difficult time to find the Time to create or even sketch. What is strange is that I have the urge to clean instead lol spring fever! I guess my creating is really involved because I cannot work when my house is a clutter and then my brain is all cluttered as well. So I say out with it so I can get a move on who knows how long my muse will stay with me until her next vacay. So let me leave you this art journal piece that I just finished. Can I just say , when in doubt bring out the black paint. Lol. Have. Great Thursday....hey I accomplished something arty...and I wrote this post hehe....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some quick watercolor ladies to loosen up

Hi there blogland. it has been forever and a day. this time change and crisp spring weather makes me want to spend all day cuddling with my son in bed. but trying to keep a toddler from running around Is not in the cards so as i am sequestered at home because potty training is the big event here i leave you with two watercolor paintings I did with the same portrait and they both took on a life of their own. The First Lady I created I know I over painted but I just wasn't happy with it and kept adding which I think is very easy to do and somedays I have a problem... Yes I admit it. Lol well I hope you enjoy. I did try to do a video on the process but alas I have no space In iMovie. Hope fully everyone is okay.