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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh where has my Muse Gone? on a mini staycation?

no, not a title of a song but seriously "Where art thou..umm art muse?"  I have been on a no art diet for a couple of days and that is soo not how i want to feel. I am little overwhelmed with trying to reorganize my art and craft things.  on top of that all the mundane house work that is sooo repetitive( i mean really scrubbing and folding and washing is gonna be part of the rest of my life sooo... i can pull my hair out sometimes... but don't get me wrong.  i do try to pull the supermom act sometimes and i do pay a price and that price is the overtaxed and overwhelming feeling I get that drives my muse away and I think she is secretly telling me to turn a blind eye to house cleaning and art and take my kids out(so she can have a break..i guess muses need some time to themselves too eh?).  So i will take at least today or tomorrow to reorganize my thoughts and maybe by WOYWW i will be up and at em'.  i am sure everyone gets these bouts and no amount of being inspired by every ones beautiful blogs and daily musings is gonna get one outta a funk except  Ditch Day.. (that's what it feels like anyway..yay)  but i have to remember the mess will be right where it was when i left hahaha.  i wish the art muse had a little wand to deal with that before taking hiatus.   hehe anyways keep on creating and inspiring..heArtLilian


  1. I've been like that for nearly two months. I force myself to make art, but nothing is as good as I would like. Keep plugging away. You'll get it all back soon enough.

  2. Go surfing on the net and blog hop and flick through art magazines and journals, even try the creative studios it always does it for me. If not get stuck into the studio and containerize and sort so everything is neat and tidy and going through some of your old art supplies can trigger, "Oh I could use this on....." and off you go back on track. You will be fine, tell the kids to fold their own washing LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful week