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Monday, November 5, 2012

i am still here soo sorry for the long hiatus

ii do apologize to everyone that i have been absent this is just a quick blog to tell you that i will be posting a proper post soon.  i am still alive!  sorry for being gone so long.  hopefully i will also have a little video for you too.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artists in blogland atc swaps

I just wanted to share with everyone the wonderulf atc's I recieved from the participants of the Artists in blogland swap.  Many talented arists and i am happy to say i am the proud new owner of these beautiful gems.  I have been really sick of late on top of technical problems and the kiddos here have started school again.....but now this is past and i am up and running though i still need to get a blogging schedule down because i do want to stay connected but cant blogg like i did in the summer when i just found blogging and delved right into it.  lol. ok lets not ait here are al the little lovelies i have recieved!
This delicately colored zentangles were made by Nora Clemens-Gallo and you csn find her at www.noraclemens-gallo.blogspot.com

This lovely lady and another zentangle hails from Heather Santos, you can find her at www.sparrows-journey.blogspot.com

These lovies were the first I recieved from this swap.  I love the stitching and colors.  These were by the talented Jane Wetzel and you can find her www.anythingbutplainjane.blogspot.com

You can definitely find all these lovely artists at www.artistsinblogland.blogspot.com

i will also be pinning this up on Creative Everyday

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

regarding giveaway andArtists in blogland atc swap

i am so sorry but i have been having technical difficulties on top of life going on here.  But i have not forgotten, just will be late!.  i will send picks of the atcs i have recieved from the awesome artists in blogland swap .  I will also draw a name for my birthday giveaway, all this this week.  please stay tuned.  And forgive me for being away! argh technology   lol

Friday, August 10, 2012


really sorry everyone, it has been so hectic but it is finally up and i hope you all help me out by sharing on your blogs too about my birthday giveaway that would be so appreciated.  here is the link to the video i made for the giveaway, hope you all enjoy that and....of course some nice juicy pics that i hope you all click to view the larger images.
just some sneek peeks
my very first Zine hope the winner will enjoy!

there is are a few more suprises in the zine that is not posted up

some home made washi tapes! was very excited to make this

Well stay tuned because the first of september I will do the drawing and post it up.
thanks for stopping by

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Art Journal Flip on You Tube! and Give Away

Well, hi everyone! sorry i have been away for a few.  I have been busy making videos and family and...excuses excuses  lol  anyways!  i made a you tube video about my art journal ( 2 parts)  yay.  i hope you all will follow this ...link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_pStPDZ4uU&feature=plcp  my YT channel is LiliansArtStudio so i hope you will be able to drop by and feel free to commen, laugh with me or AT me hehe because I cringe when I hear my voice and how silly I sound...n  e  waysss.  i have also been working on a vid about drawing on ephemera, it is just me drawing and talking and a few helpful tips and hints that i have learned through the years. so be on the look out for that vid too.  I am very excited about it can't you tell!  lol  Well onto the big news.  It will be my Birth Month this August and do you know what that means?  it means...drum roll please........subscriber giveaway....I think this may be a good way to get people to see what I am up too.  I see a lot of bloggers and YT people doing this to get subscribers and to broaden their audeince because who doesn't like goodies....if you, dont then bah humbug I say!   lol  i am giddy...I Hope to share my art and this is a great way i think.  so stay tuned to this blog i will have pics up and links to my YT vids for the giveaway.  i hope everyone will be excited about this give away.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.... happy creating.  i will also be adding this to CREATIVE EVER DAY and ARTISTS IN BLOGLAND
So this is what I have been up to. see you all around

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woyww my #6 and atc share

hi everyone happy wednesday!  And if anybody wants to know what i am talking about, you can jump to julias stamping ground that should explain everything. We have been busy with family here the past couple of days so i have not been able to create anything....except my First You Tube Video about my smash book and the atc i recieved from Eliza at Queenartoypia   yay!!. i may have been a little tongue tied and got a little info wrong on the video but i think i did ok.  and next time i will not be holding the camera  lol  here i have some pictures of my atc i recieved.  First, I finally found a frame and spot to show off the atcs that Deeyl sent me.  Then the awesome Eliza from Australia. love her atc that she sent ( still lookimg for a frame for hers).  I mean i don't know how to emboss or do this kind of art so i think it is wonderful!  Well look out for more videos coming soon!  You can see my new one here on you tube  there are 2 parts so Enjoy!
                                 Oh don't forget to click for larger yummy images and leave a comment i      always reply and if you like subscribe!  lol  have a fun day creating.  I will also be posting   this on Creative Ever Day                  
from Deeyll.

i backed the frame with a map

from Eliza Queenartoypia!

you cant really see the embossing her but it was soo shiny and metallic looking

he looks good with my tea cups dont you think?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my fist you tube video

hi everyone i just wanted to share with you all my first you tube video about my smash book.  hope you all will have a chance to check it out.!    My family is in town so i hope to be able to get a woyww up tomorrow.  crossing my fingers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXWzSuTd464&feature=plcp

Friday, July 20, 2012

flea market find and ATC photoshoot

happy firday everyone.  I just wanted to share with you all my flea market find that i was soo excited about.  They are tea cups, fine bone china so light and delicate and for only  a few dollars!  I live with a house of males so when i get to pick something up that is feminine i can't help myself but to indulge.  Who wants to have a tea party?  Now looking at all these pretty cups i wanted to do something with them before they head off to the cupboard and so here ia an ATC photoshoot just for you.  Enjoy!  i would love to add these to Paint Party Friday and Creative ever Day!  i hope everyone can head over there to see what all the fuss is about!!  and i am planning to do a video soon about my smash book.  do you think that is a good idea for a first video?  

Please click for larger yummy images and Do please leave a comment because i love to hear from you all.  and if you enjoy my posts please subscribe to this Blog ( i promise i don't bite!)  lol    A lot of pictures but i promise it will be worth it!

my awesome deal of the week! i guess all the action about London has been on my mind!  lol ( oh gosh and why did i think of tea cups when i thought of London. i am so sorry if i offended any Londoners, really did not mean to profile  lol)

 just so pretty and girly
Now the Photoshoot!

more lovely girls for my ATC's

The girl in pink is a Digital print on paper canvas, i did a little embelishing ( i am not a sewer  lol) but i thought it came out nice
 They just looked so nice in the tea cups!

the back of the girl in pink

close up
digital print on paper canvas and stitched

Title:  Untiltled Royal Elfin Portrait of a Royal with
               her familiar

 (a Confusing title  ahaha)

embelished of course.
with an enamel flower

 This one is "Sing To Me"   mixed media, paint, water color markers, copic markers, pencil,     and embelishments
colored pencil, markers, puffy paint and embelishments

Believe with all of your Heart that you will do what you were meant to do..Orison Swett Marden 

This little angel is for a friend it is of her daughter another digital print on paper canvas

I hope everyone enjoyed this little photoshoot! please let me know what you think. were the models worth your time?  lol   Eliza If you like one of these please let me know which one you would like by commenting!

Origianl digital Jpeg Pics for the digital prints on paper canvas ( if you were interested)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WOYWW my 5th

Good wednesday all!  I see woywws popping up since early this morning and i am enjoying the look around peoples meesy work spaces  lol if you would like to check them out go to  Julia's stamping ground where all the mess can be seen and shared.
Please click for larger image and do please leave a comment i love hearing from everyone
Let me see what i have here.  

oh this is the smash book i started. can you believe it was an old microwave cook book?
an original page in the book.  i wish i would have taken a pic of the cover..umph

well this is the inside cover and first page.  i was holding onto an old camelot calendar and now i have a place to use those wonderful images

and everyone know that a smash book is where you can keep your precious junk..lol  so here was a cand wrapper that i saved from wheni was 13 years old from my cousin in japan.( thats on the orange and pink page) the opposite page is one from my favorite magazine when i was young ( Wizard, for all those comic book fans)

one page with tickets of my 17 month olds first trip to the aquarium

one of my boys birthday party that we celebrated this summer.  i mean the napkins from the theme was art in itself i had to save one along with pics i printed out to make a custom coloring book as the thank you gift.

just page prep( an old manga book and mag pages)

an envelope with my first WASHI TAPE experiment.  i do say they came out nice

the back cover with my washi tape

front cover

my homemade washi tape

inside cover with my homemade washi tape

man this is a lot of washi tape pics??? hehe

another prep page

and one with baseball tickets.
Well i hope you enjoyed.  if you are wondering about the purple bag in the pictures.  it is actually a bag i put together to keep all my smash journaling things in.. i will do another blog about that soon.  hope you enjoyed the sneek peek. and i confiscated the dinner table again with my mess!