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Monday, June 18, 2012

a new day

good morning, 
   hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with creativity or bouts of creativity.  happy belated fathers to all.  post birthday party clean up was successful and took forever but well worth it to see the smiles and laughing of family and friends....
...ok now onto the serious topic.....art.....  i have found  http://www.creativeeveryday.com/  and her challende to do art  everyday for a month and i am really excited to try this.   even if its just a 5 minute doodle.  sorry for not having a badge but i cannot figure out how to use her particular badge but i will provide her link with my uploaded art of the day.  heres to challenging yourself every day.  now lets get creative.    i will officially start this challenge a little later tonight.  so in the meantime i want to share with you my art journal(a reclaimed book about lettering and type fonts) that i started.  enjoy..if you want please leave a comment or join me on my journey cuz i know people do not like to journey on their own..(sorry sooo long)
my altered art journal

my first entry which was a big deal (finding the time with 3 boys)

spring is in the air( so cliche but it was soo sunny and had to be done)

forever and always

this entry was inspired by my girlfriends confection flowers

some drippage

for earthday

thought of a friend who loves owls

a journal page with no journaling

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