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Friday, June 15, 2012

inspired everywhere

This has been a very busy week with our big boy turning 8 and our middle son turning 6. I cannot believe how time flies.  I have been busy yes as mommy but i have also been journaling in the wee hours that i have time to myself.  I definitely do not look in the mirror the next day  lol.  i wanted to share some works i completed at the end of may.  these were little smash books for both my sons teachers for their end of the year present, which was greatly loved and fawned over. I was just thrilled they even new what they were, i think they were a smash(no pun.. you know what i mean).  I came up with the idea when i was browsing my local scrapbook store that i just discovered(which i had no idea was here for 2 years, oh the wasted time  hahaha  www.stickledpink.com ).  I didn't have much cash on me to buy the one from the store so i set out looking through all my scrap booking materials.  so these are filled with lots of goodness, stamps, pockets, postcards, note cards etc.  i actually used a catalogue that was made with very good paper and i used that as my base for the pages.  I know my binding could use some work, but this is a start for me.  Definitely my first time trying anything like this.  so i hope you get inspired, because i know i was.  Now go and be CREATIVE...Lilian  
materials: found or recycled 
inspiration:  free
front of book 1

post cards, note cards and pockets

the boys in the boat is the original catalogue paper

a japanese postcard i turned into a pocket

a stamped notecard

the binding with blingy bling

inside 2nd book

a print on linen paper of one of my paintings

stamped notecards and pocket

more staming and pockets

 a postcard of someones senior works showing @ university

3rd book

linen paper and butons with glitter

recycled wedding invitation made into note cards

another actual page from the original paper

hope you enjoyed!!

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