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Friday, February 8, 2013

Lots of vids, some arty work. not enough though...

Hi everyone, 

      Still alive.  First, i just want to let Sandy know that your prize is on its way,

hopefully in the next few days lol..  Well, it has been a battle in this household to get

 anything constructive finished,  what with all the germ bugs around, three boys that

seem to think getting sick is allowed  hehe... and Oh the laundry flying at me in every

 direction. I also think all three of them are having growth spurts at the same time as it

 seems like i live in the kitchen.. it must be a consiracy against mommy i tell you!  hehe 

 love it and wont trade it for the world.  So you can say i haven't gotten very much done

 in the way of arting.  Glamorous, is the life of a mom with three growing boys.
         On the other hand i have been enjoying making quick you tube videos on this and

that, so much fun!  and i can do it when there is a spare moment to be had  lol, i dont

 have art supplies i have to clean up.  I have found ART GEEKS.  who knows them?

  awesome inspiring videos come from there, and always enjoy Jennibellie videos.  So i

 have been sustaining my craving for arty stuff by watching others do arty stuff...ahh

    I have been working on a recycled greetings card journal which Jennibellie whom

 kindly shared with everyone. i think i will be gifting it to a friends daughter whom loves

 crafty things.  here are the links, hope you enjoy and as always please let me know if

 you have enjoyed them.

video 1   an photo album/ junk journal for my sister 

video 2  journal update and my kids smashbooks!


video 3 recycled greeting card junk journal and an art journal i made for my 6 year old.


ummm p..s...   as i was doing this video my 2 year got into my tacky glue and glues my dinning table, charis and himself....i knew it was way too quiet......


  1. Jennibelli's videos are really good, aren't they? I only have 1 boy and I'm already not finding enough time to get more than some sketches done each week. You must be even busier with three boys! Good on you for trying to find time to do art. Hope you find some time for it soon, and looking forward to seeing your latest creative pieces.

    1. One child or six I think it doesn't matter. Lol it's time consuming no matter if you work or stay home those cute and sometimes angelic little creatures take up all our free time lol

  2. Lilian--just wanted to let you know I was so excited to get the mail when I came home today--it arrived!! I love it, and this is exactly what I'm working on in my art journaling, so to have this guide and all these tips is soooo exciting!! I also love the beads, washi tape, and sticker--fun loot!! Thank you again, and I hope you all are feeling better. When mom gets sick, that's when everything falls behind! Hugs...take care! --Sandy Leigh