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Friday, August 10, 2012


really sorry everyone, it has been so hectic but it is finally up and i hope you all help me out by sharing on your blogs too about my birthday giveaway that would be so appreciated.  here is the link to the video i made for the giveaway, hope you all enjoy that and....of course some nice juicy pics that i hope you all click to view the larger images.
just some sneek peeks
my very first Zine hope the winner will enjoy!

there is are a few more suprises in the zine that is not posted up

some home made washi tapes! was very excited to make this

Well stay tuned because the first of september I will do the drawing and post it up.
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    1. Thanks so much and if you want I don't know blogging etiquette but if you want to sub me for a chance to win! I wouldn't complain lolthanks for stopping by