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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Art, baseball, children lol the Abc's lol

So we are way into baseball season here and with games and practices along with chorus when is there time for art? Well I have been working on this one slow but surely when will it be finished? Well we could say I am letting it be organic in its rendering but then I will be fooling myself haha for I haven't been that deep since my college days! Well I am having a time working at it and trying to let it come to me naturally that's why I'm in a funk with it I am pushing too much to try to finish it. Anyone ever feel like that? Might have to let this rest and move on, but with the way things are going I do not know when I'll ever even get finish or even start a new piece but I am sketching. I do have another sketch book I want to make for another friends daughter and I cannot wait to show you all. Alright I'll let you get back to Arting because this was a dry post.


  1. Hi Lillian,

    Thanks for popping by to say hi, you really should submit your desk because your art like this beauty above needs to be seen by like minded artists. You really are brilliant at capturing faces.

    Hugs Eliza